Big Big City Trillion Jones (only speak english can make trillion)

VKingX CUNY Dragon Computer .INC

Computer Repair $30

TIM IE (Trillion Jones) CUNY 3.8GPA Scholarships Computer Engineering and Web Designer . Tim’s Computer Repair $30 ​ Server/PC/Laptop Repairs and Upgrades * Tune Ups (your computer will run faster!) * Virus/Spyware/Adware Detection and Removal * Repair damage/corrupt Windows operating system *Blue screen + Over hot + GPU reflow/repair * Transfer Data from Old to New System * Backup Data * Create an Image of your Drive for Data Protection * Install critical Windows? updates and patches * Firewall and Security Solutions * Windows Password unlock. * Install/upgrade Windows 98/Me/2K/XP/Vista/Windows 7 / 8 WINDOWS 10 * Router/DSL/Cable/Broadband Internet Sharing / Troubleshooting * Home or Small Business Network * Wire/Wireless Networks for Multiple PCs * Install Memory (RAM), Hard Drive, CD/DVD Drive, modem, change motherboard, Processor, other internal cards and external devices such as printer, scanner, digital camera, etc. *DC power plug Repair and Replacement (dc jack repair only $50) *Laptops Maintenance LCD Screen Repair and Replacement *Mother board Repair and Replacement 24-hour phone support so don’t worry your PC/MAC/Laptops; we’re here to Help!


137 Chrystie ST #17 New York NY 10002

Please Call:(917)-463-9818 Looking for TIM IE


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